Subject: Re: Maybe Trump will help the resistence in Iran
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Subject: Re: Maybe Trump will help the resistence in Iran
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On Wednesday, January 3, 2018 at 12:48:41 AM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> The ban on the veil is completely reasonable.

LOL @ Dutch the Islamophobic Nazi

In Canada we have a Charter of Rights which enumerates the constitutionally protected rights of
Canadians. This is considered part of the "supreme law" of Canada, so that even if an Islamophobic
Nazi party were to be elected to run the country -- even if Dutch *himself* was the Islamophobic
Nazi Prime Minister -- the creation of fascist laws like the one Dutch proposes above will be deemed
by the courts to be of no legal force or effect.

Certain of those aforementioned rights enumerated in the Charter are considered so basic, so
important, and so immutable to a free society that they are given a special section and title titled
FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. Among those FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS are rights that facists like Dutch have
absolutely no regard for, including freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion,
expression, communication and association.

Simply put, Dutch does not believe in even the most fundamental tenets of freedom. And why would we
expect him to? Dutch is an Islamophobe. Islamophobes do not believe in freedom.