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Subject: Just read "THE MEMO"!!! BOOGA!!! Seriously, that's it? That's all?
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Subject: Just read "THE MEMO"!!! BOOGA!!! Seriously, thats it? Thats all?
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The Democrats should put together a press release video consisting of 
nothing but people laughing.

	A year attacking the Steele dossier.

	A month hyping that the dossier started the whole FBI

	Weeks hyping that they have a memo (a memo!) that will
	finally prove it!

	So...is there some other memo?

	Because this one says it was Papadopolous, not the

Also too, turns out that FOUR FISA judges signed off on Carter 
("Enthusiastic idiot") Page's surveillance (which began in 2013, BTW).

	Obviously they are all Hillary Clinton, pretending
	to be a judge.
		Evan Hurst