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From: risky biz <swingtrader@gmail.com>
Subject: Is Las Vegas a 'shithole country'?
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Subject: Is Las Vegas a shithole country?
From: risky biz <swingtrader@gmail.com>
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A friend picked me up at about noon yesterday and we went and played 3-cushion until a little before
4:00. He beat me 15-10. This is only the second time I ever hit a ball on a 3-cushion table. He
doesn't play 3-cushion either these days but it should be noted that he holds 5 world championships
in another  pocket billiard discipline. I was satisfied with how I did. It's a different game. The
balls are heavier and the cushions are different. I kept hitting the ball too full. You can't get
the same follow with these balls.

Then we went to the seafood buffet at the M. Excellent. The champagne was pretty good. He played a
little slots afterward but I didn't play any video poker.

He dropped me at home and I went to use my $10 free play at another casino. Went home with a win of
almost $1,700. That included losing about $60 on Texas Hold'Em Heads Up. I quit that when I got
dealt rags 9 times in a row. And this AI f*** keeps sucking out on the river. I have my suspicions.
Anyway, not a bad score overall.

What a shithole. Las Vegas is hard to take.