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Subject: Re: Am I "an idiot"? Or "a idiot"?
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Subject: Re: Am I "an idiot"? Or "a idiot"?
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On Saturday, 3 February 2018 22:11:27 UTC, popinjay  wrote:

> What's really hilarious is the frown that Nancy and her ilk put on their faces.  It's a
deliberate, conscious, frown.  Just like a 5-year old child would do when his mom tells him he can't
have any cookies before dinner.  lol  This is hilarious, something you would expect from the
children on RGP, but on the democrat side of Congress?  Grown men and women?  Government office
holders?  Waaaaah, I want a cookie now, before dinner.  Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Are we talking about her "figitating with her dentures"?

Mark Dice has over a million subscribers, no wonder the Left hates YouTube.