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Subject: Re: Julian Assange on The Memo
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Subject: Re: Julian Assange on The Memo
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On Sunday, 4 February 2018 00:49:44 UTC, Dutch  wrote:

> >> That's not racism, it's the opposite. A racist believes that some races,
> >> generally not his own, are in some way inherently inferior. I consider
> >> race to be essentially irrelevant.
> > 
> > Irrelevant to what?
> Irrelevant to anything meaningful such as what people believe and how 
> that drives how they act. A person's race has no effect on anyone.

I'm not talking about a "person". You'd do well to understand that the left is obsessed with
individualism, which doesn't mean anything.

We were talking about race and IQ. And you deny that there is any evidence to link the two. You are,
and continue to be, wrong.

> >> What I consider to be important are
> >> cultures and belief systems and how they motivate people to think and
> >> behave. There is no evidence that race per se plays any role in how
> >> intelligent or moral a person is.
> > 
> > Yes there is
> There's also no evidence that gender plays any role in these things. 

lol I didn't say anything about gender and fuck your "also".

> This is white male supremacist bullshit.

Fuck you again with your "white male supremacist" bullshit

> >>> Oh sure, you want ALL races to be genocided (in order to #EndRacism). All cities, all
countries to be the exact same (#diversity) populated by coffee-coloured producer/consumer units.
Your beliefs are monstrous and you're a globalist's wet dream.
> >>
> >> I once said that *if* that were to take place then it might stop people
> >> from obsessing about race, something humans have done for far too long.
> > 
> > How does not make you an advocate of it?
> Because I don't care about it. I don't think about it because it is not 
> going to happen.

Do you think it would be a good thing if we were all the same race, in order to #EndRacism, yes or

> >>> PS. It's really only members of the *white* race who think the way you do, no other race is so
stupid, or brainwashed.
> >>
> >> You haven't given me any reason to believe that it is a stupid way to
> >> think.
> > 
> > What I really said was, it's only white people who think like that, do you disagree?
> You haven't given me any reason to believe that either. Most people hold 
> an affinity for their own tribe because that's what they have grown up 
> and are comfortable with. I'm not so parochial. I care about people's 
> character and actions.


It's really only white people who think like that, that was my point, do you disagree, yes or no?