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Subject: Re: Is Las Vegas a 'shithole country'?
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Subject: Re: Is Las Vegas a shithole country?
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On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 10:46:49 AM UTC-8, risky biz wrote:
> A friend picked me up at about noon yesterday and we went and played 3-cushion until a little
before 4:00. He beat me 15-10. This is only the second time I ever hit a ball on a 3-cushion table.
He doesn't play 3-cushion either these days but it should be noted that he holds 5 world
championships in another  pocket billiard discipline. I was satisfied with how I did. It's a
different game. The balls are heavier and the cushions are different. I kept hitting the ball too
full. You can't get the same follow with these balls.
> Then we went to the seafood buffet at the M. Excellent. The champagne was pretty good. He played a
little slots afterward but I didn't play any video poker.
> He dropped me at home and I went to use my $10 free play at another casino. Went home with a win
of almost $1,700. That included losing about $60 on Texas Hold'Em Heads Up. I quit that when I got
dealt rags 9 times in a row.. And this AI f*** keeps sucking out on the river. I have my suspicions.
Anyway, not a bad score overall.
> What a shithole. Las Vegas is hard to take.

I forgot to mention that the weather was terrible. Low 70s and balmy. Miserable.