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Subject: Re: Where Are All Our Wingnuts?
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Subject: Re: Where Are All Our Wingnuts?
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On 2/4/2018 6:34 AM, VegasJerry wrote:
> On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 2:22:55 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
>> It's not relevant where information supporting a FISA warrant comes from
>> or if the source has a bias. All that matters to the court is that the
>> information is shown to be credible and supports probable cause. The
>> memo is a complete dud. BUT, Nunes, Trump and company don't really care
>> about being factual (he never has). They know that all they need to do
>> is make a bunch of noise, issue some wild accusations, and their
>> supporters will array behind them.
>> I fear that the real agenda is to justify a purge of the FBI and Justice
>> Dept, because the noose is tightening and Orange Clown Man will not go
>> down without a fight. I see no way to avoid this, unless, and this is a
>> possibility, Trump is actually delusional enough to believe that he has
>> done nothing wrong and lets the investigation play out.
>> The difference between this and Watergate is that at that time the
>> Congress was actually an independent branch of government, and the
>> Republican Party still believed in the Constitution. That's gone now. In
>> 2018 the American Congress serves at the whim of the president.
>> There are fireworks coming the likes of which any your country has never
>> seen. It is sad to see, and at the same time very entertaining to watch.
> What's in the works now is trump answering questions from Mueller. Trump's first dodge is, "I'll
answer them in writing, okay?" Eventually he won't answer anything because he knows they got him.
> He'll take The Fifth. Mueller will start his indictments.

I think there's a good chance that he will refuse to talk to Mueller "on 
the advice of my lawyers". Then he'll be subpoenaed, then the fireworks 
will start. No matter what he does there won't be any "constitutional 
crisis" unless the Dems take back the House. By then Rosenstein will be 
gone and Mueller's investigation will have been neutered. It will be 
straight to impeachment. I just don't see Trump going down without a 
fight. There will be no getting on a helicopter and flying away ala 
Nixon. They'll have to storm the Whitehouse like Waco.