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Subject: Re: Am I "an idiot"? Or "a idiot"?
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On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:16:41 AM UTC-8, VegasJerry wrote:

> Wait a minute. Fox runs out of lies and innuendoes about the left, leaves all those embarrassing
questions unanswered (like those lists you can’t list). They show you pictures of liberal
politicians faces and you forget all the idiot mug shots of conservatives? (especially Trump) And
you start drooling and start Cutting & Pasting the cool aid you’re fed?
> That’s called “SQUIRREL!” That’s, “Stop asking us embarrassing questions; stop asking
for those lists that don’t exist.”
> JFC, they got the little thread connect to your nose ring and they just jerk your idiot ass all
over the place. Here, let me show you. Answer this:
> 1. You do know that Trump promised medical insurance for everybody and at a lower price that
Obamacare, right?
> 2. You do know he actually caused your insurance rates to INCREASE last year by not paying the
Obamacare supplemental, right?
> 3. You do know your insurance rate will increase again this year because trump canceled the
Mandate, right?
> Now don’t get distracted by “SQUIRREL.” Don’t start whining about, “They showed me a
picture of Hillary where she was laughing funny.” Actually try and answer those questions; because
we already know you can’t list any of those other answers. Otherwise the answer is, “Yea,
you’re an idiot.”
> Jerry (watch for him to yell ‘squirrel’) ‘n Vegas

Ahhhhhhh, shuuuuuuut uuuuup.