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Subject: Re: Where Are All Our Wingnuts?
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Subject: Re: Where Are All Our Wingnuts?
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On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 1:11:59 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
> On 2/4/2018 6:34 AM, VegasJerry wrote:
> > On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 2:22:55 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
> >> It's not relevant where information supporting a FISA warrant comes from
> >> or if the source has a bias. All that matters to the court is that the
> >> information is shown to be credible and supports probable cause. The
> >> memo is a complete dud. BUT, Nunes, Trump and company don't really care
> >> about being factual (he never has). They know that all they need to do
> >> is make a bunch of noise, issue some wild accusations, and their
> >> supporters will array behind them.
> >>
> >> I fear that the real agenda is to justify a purge of the FBI and Justice
> >> Dept, because the noose is tightening and Orange Clown Man will not go
> >> down without a fight. I see no way to avoid this, unless, and this is a
> >> possibility, Trump is actually delusional enough to believe that he has
> >> done nothing wrong and lets the investigation play out.
> >>
> >> The difference between this and Watergate is that at that time the
> >> Congress was actually an independent branch of government, and the
> >> Republican Party still believed in the Constitution. That's gone now. In
> >> 2018 the American Congress serves at the whim of the president.
> >>
> >> There are fireworks coming the likes of which any your country has never
> >> seen. It is sad to see, and at the same time very entertaining to watch.
> > 
> > What's in the works now is trump answering questions from Mueller. Trump's first dodge is, "I'll
answer them in writing, okay?" Eventually he won't answer anything because he knows they got him.
> > 
> > He'll take The Fifth. Mueller will start his indictments.
> I think there's a good chance that he will refuse to talk to Mueller "on 
> the advice of my lawyers". Then he'll be subpoenaed, then the fireworks 
> will start. No matter what he does there won't be any "constitutional 
> crisis" unless the Dems take back the House. By then Rosenstein will be 
> gone and Mueller's investigation will have been neutered. It will be 
> straight to impeachment. I just don't see Trump going down without a 
> fight.

Unless he does like Nixon. Sort of a plea bargain. "We have you on 20 counts of money laundering.
Resign or go to jail."

 There will be no getting on a helicopter and flying away ala 
> Nixon. They'll have to storm the Whitehouse like Waco.