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On Monday, February 5, 2018 at 8:11:07 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> It's hard to understand how you view 50% no affiliation, 35% Christian, 
> 15% other (incl 2-3% Muslim) as multicultural. From the perspective of 
> religion this is probably one of the least multicultural areas on earth.

There's more to multiculturalism than just religion, but 3.5% of Lower Mainlanders are Muslim, 3.5%
are Buddhist and 8% are Sikh. That's a fair  bit of multiculturalism right there. Also, most of the
50% you say are unaffiliated would identify with one culture or another. Most of them are Asian.
Yes, there are a lot of Christians, but even they subdivide into different cultures. We also have a
healthy representation from the most important culture of all, Aboriginal Canadians.

I don't see how you can walk around Vancouver for more than 10 minutes and not realize it's a highly
multicultural city. I'm guessing you don't leave the house much because you're afraid of....THE