Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 1:28:34 AM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> I thought it was one of the better documentaries on the eventual outcome 
> of multiculturalism when large populations of Muslims are involved. They 
> don't integrate, they mix with other ethnic groups like oil mixes with 
> water.

The only problem I really saw was with the white people. People don't "integrate" when they are made
to feel unwelcome. The Muslim people in that video all seemed to experience the palpable hatred
toward them. 

This happens all over Europe. Muslims face extreme racism from whites, are herded into low income
ghettos (which are later deemed "no-go zones" by racists), are denied education and employment
opportunities, and eventually turn to violence and crime as an outlet. It's very much the same thing
that happened in the US with inner-city ghettos.

Canada hasn't had these problems in Toronto where the Muslim population is approaching 10%. That's
because of our multiculturalism. It is made clear to Muslim immigrants from the moment they arrive
that their culture will be respected, and that they will in no way be treated as second class
citizens, that they will be free to reach their potential, and that they will be legally protected
from people like you.