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Subject: News for Pop-Tard: T-Rump Wants A Military Parade
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Subject: News for Pop-Tard: T-Rump Wants A Military Parade
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Like the one in France, and that's no shit.

Down Pennsylvania Avenue.  With missile launchers, 70-ton tanks, and 
lots of our boys goose-stepping past the White House while he stands at 
the second-floor balcony and waves at his adoring (ALLEGEDLY) subjects.

One wonders if he's going to dress himself up as a general with stupid 
sunglasses, epaulets and lots of VERYVERYREAL badges he made out of 
leftover Big Mac buns and Play-Doh during his "Executive Time" over the 
last year.

Never mind what this does to make the rest of the world laugh even 
harder at (or worse, simply pity) us (like they need more material), but 
he doesn't even give a shit what those tanks are going to do the road 
right in front of his house.

Pentagon top brass is currently in the process of planning the event.

Would some kind, low-IQ trumpswab please tell the rest of us why this is 
a net positive for our country?