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Subject: about Hashish
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Subject: about Hashish
From: popinjay <paulpopinjay@sbcglobal.net>
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I was just curious and looked up the legality of hashish now that the marijuana laws are evolving so
fast.  I do not smoke or use any kind of weed product.  But 40 years ago I did.  Back then they were
starting to go easy on simple possession of marijuana, in California, BUT, hash was a different
story.  It was still a felony.  But I just looked up the new law, and although it looks complicated
to understand all of it, it does appear that 8 grams or under of hashish is now legal in California.

This kinda pisses me off when I think back of all the legal problems I had and the jail time that
went with it back in the 70s, and now the friggin shit's essentially legal.  You can practically
stop at a convenience store and buy this shit.  Not yet, but probably soon.

I remember in the not too distant past that Texas and Nevada had the most harsh marijuana laws.  If
I recall, it was Life in prison or some such shit, for simple possession.  How times change.  I
guess all the hippies grew up and ran for office.

I was also remembering the one and only time I ever ate "brownies".  Sure, I smoked it when I was
young, but I only ate it once, and that was ENOUGH.  I was at a party and ate a couple brownies, it
took awhile to come on, but when it did, I was FUCKED UP.  It ain't like smoking it, eating it is
completely different.  Never again, I NEVER ate that shit again.  It was very uncomfortable.  I was
fucking stoned.  TOO stoned.  lol