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Subject: Re: This is the Republican definition of a real man . .
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On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 10:24:17 AM UTC-8, risky biz wrote:
> . . and everyone else's definition of a disgusting wimp.
> 'Oregon State Sen. Jeff Kruse (R) repeatedly groped women ― sometimes while on the Senate floor
or in the governor’s office ― despite repeated warnings, according to an independent
> The 51-page report, compiled by employment law attorney Dian Rubanoff and released Tuesday, found
Kruse subjected two female lawmakers and many other women to unwanted touching and “lingering”
> The 66-year-old Republican legislator engaged in a “longstanding pattern ... of unwelcome
physical contact” toward women in the workplace, including State Sens. Sara Gelser (D) and
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D).
> “The evidence ... shows that he has engaged in a pattern of placing his hands on women in the
workplace below their waists, or touching his head to their heads, whereas the evidence indicates
that he does not do this with males in the workplace,” according to the report.
> Gelser accused Kruse of once placing “both his hands on the front of her shoulders with the palm
of each hand resting on or near her breasts” while on the Senate floor in 2016, according to the
report. On another occasion, Gelser told Rubanoff that Kruse “wrapped his left arm around her
shoulder with his fingers extending down toward her breast, and placed his right hand on her thigh
with his fingers under the hem of her skirt.”
> Members of the state legislature’s counsel and human resources department advised Kruse in 2016
to stop hugging his female colleagues and “keep an an arms’ length distance from them,”
according the report. But Kruse’s inappropriate behavior only escalated. 
>     'It was not lack of respect for her – just falling back into old patterns. When you have
been doing something for 67 years it’s not easy to change.' 
>      - Oregon State Sen. Jeff Kruse (R) to employment law attorney Dian Rubanoff

It doesn't just apply to republicans.  But a man has got to be crazy to sexually harass a woman,
especially now, but they shouldn't have in the past either.  Women should be respected.  And
sexually harassing women who work for you in a business setting?  You have GOT to be crazy.  And men
must be crazy.  It takes a lot of nerve.  And frankly, it's just so wrong.  No class..

I am still shocked by the story about Steve Wynn.  I thought he was smarter than that.  I hope he is
smarter than that.  We shall see.