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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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On 2/7/2018 12:13 PM, Clave wrote:
> On 2/7/2018 12:11 PM, Dutch wrote:
>> On 2/7/2018 1:47 AM, BillB wrote:
>>> The only problem I really saw was with the white people. People don't 
>>> "integrate" when they are made to feel unwelcome. The Muslim people 
>>> in that video all seemed to experience the palpable hatred toward them.
>> People don't integrate when they keep to themselves.
> Like when they're targets of irrational bigotry.
> Funny, that.

The UK has been welcoming immigrants for decades. Since India gained its 
independence millions of Indian Hindus have moved to Great Britain. They 
seemed to integrate pretty well. Curry rivals Fish 'n Chips as a popular 
English dish. The same is true of Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Muslims 
need to assume some responsibility for how their culture resists 
integration. They seem to view themselves as *other* so it should be no 
surprise that others see them that way.