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Subject: Re: Republicans busy as beavers destroying the good economy handed tothem by Democrats
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From: Clave <>
Subject: Re: Republicans busy as beavers destroying the good economy handed to
them by Democrats
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 23:19:25 -0800
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On 2/7/2018 11:13 PM, BillB wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 10:21:27 AM UTC-8, risky biz wrote:
>> It's an undeniable Republican pattern. The economy was rescued from the near-total Republican
collapse by the Obama administration and now the Republicans should be reducing debt, not piling it
on. The Obama administration imposed spending caps during his first term. The Republicans want to
scrap those. What for? For the tax giveaway to America's wealthiest. Economic meltdown by choice.
Why should the ultra-wealthy care? The effect on them is negligible and they couldn't give a shit
less about Americans.
> Ding.
>> 'WASHINGTON — Republicans are pouring government stimulus into a steadily strengthening
economy, adding economic fuel at a moment when unemployment is at a 16-year low and wages are
beginning to rise, a combination that is stoking fears of higher inflation and ballooning budget
> Exactly what I said here the other day. Remember when Obama wanted to spend $1 trillion to shore
up the crumbling economy after the Bush economic crisis was dropped in his lap? The Republicans wen
ballistic, even though Obama was making the right move at the time under the circumstances. Now
Trump is running $1 trillion deficits and planning to drop $2 trillion on infrastructure AFTER
giving away $1.5 trillion to the wealthy. Now the Republicans are all for it!
> You'd have to be blind as a bat to not be able to see what's going on here.
> Watch the deficit to gdp ratio once these tax cuts fully kick in. It's going to climb high and
fast enough to scare investors, interest will know the rest.
> All Trump's moves have one thing in common. They give the economy a steriodal short term boost,
even though current economic conditions and standard economic policy argue against it. All Trump
cares about is immediate adoration from economic illiterates, and he doesn't care about the
long-term consequences. He cares only about himself, his family and his brand. He is a huckster of
the highest order.

"Huckster" isn't nearly nasty enough.