Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 4:11:17 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
> On 2/8/2018 3:31 PM, BillB wrote:
> > On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 3:01:50 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
> > 
> >> It's comforting to know that the government has vetted all the customs,
> >> practices and beliefs of every foreign culture and declared them to be
> >> above criticism
> > 
> > Another phony strawman.
> > 
> It is exactly what is implied by this "Multiculturalism" act. Your 
> position is that to criticize a culture or its customs, beliefs or 
> practices is un-Canadian and contrary to our constitution. Yet you do it 
> all the time. You're a rank hypocrite.

Nothing is "implied" by the Act. It is a law. It means what it means in plain English. And as I
already pointed out, it doesn't even apply to you or any other individual citizen. It applies to
government policymakers, and there is nothing "redundant" about it. Further, it was passed by the
conservative Mulroney government, not Justin Trudeau, as you ignorantly alluded ealier.

Nobody is denying that any Canadian can criticize any law they want. That doesn't mean the attitude
behind that criticism isn't unCanadian. You have the right to criticize laws forbidding you to have
sex with 8-year-olds, but very few wouldn't consider you unCanadian for doing so.

But your hatred of Canadian values goes far beyond disliking an ordinary statute like the Canadian
Multiculturism Act. All your attitudes prove you would like to rescind the Constitution of Canada,
particularly the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.