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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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Subject: Re: This is why Dutch hates Canada
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On 2/8/2018 6:35 PM, BillB wrote:
> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 6:03:20 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:
>>> Nothing is "implied" by the Act. It is a law. It means what it means in plain English. And as I
already pointed out, it doesn't even apply to you or any other individual citizen. It applies to
government policymakers, and there is nothing "redundant" about it. Further, it was passed by the
conservative Mulroney government, not Justin Trudeau, as you ignorantly alluded ealier.
>> I didn't say that. It was first introduced by Pierre Elliot.
> said I and Justin Trudeau could shove the Canadian Multicultural Act up our ass, or
something equally childish and vulgar. As if Justin Trudeau isn't supposed to follow the law of
Canada?? As if he is not supposed to follow our Constitution??
> FYI...Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister until 1984. The Canadian Multicultural Act was passed in
1988, under Brian Mulroney's CONSERVATIVE government.
>>> Nobody is denying that any Canadian can criticize any law they want. That doesn't mean the
attitude behind that criticism isn't unCanadian.
>> It doesn't mean it is; that's just your pc opinion. You're just
>> referring to this this Act as a grandstanding ploy.
>>> You have the right to criticize laws forbidding you to have sex with 8-year-olds, but very few
wouldn't consider you unCanadian for doing so.
>> Irrelevant.
> It's not "irrelevant" at all, Mr. High IQ. It negates your idiotic argument that I am
authoritarian and unCanadian for calling out your opposition to a law that reflects Canada's core

If it's a core value then what purpose does such a law serve?

>> What nonsense. "Multiculturalism" is a misguided idea to put into the
>> Constitution.
> But it is in the Constitution. As I said, it does not matter what you think. Multiculturalism is
part of the "supreme law of Canada". I have shown you the text. It trumps every other contradicting
law, policy or action of any government agency or official across Canada.

The act is touchy-feely government overreach. Citizens are equal under 
the law anyway.

>> It causes greater divisions between cultures and groups
>> within Canada, not less. I have perfectly good, rational arguments to
>> support that view, and nothing about it is un-Canadian.
> What you have to support that view is your bigotry. Canada unofficially adopted multiculturalism
more than 50 years ago, and it's been official for 35. It's obvious that Canada has gotten along
very well with its multicultural laws, policies and Constitution. It is the envy of the world and is
now one of the most wealthy, peaceful, polite, low crime jurisdictions on Earth. What fucking planet
are you living on?

Canada is a country of many cultures. Laws apply equally to citizens in 
all cultures. "Multiculturalism" adds nothing to that, and it send a 
damaging message, that new citizens have no need to make an effort to 
integrate into the existing culture. Fortunately most do anyway.