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Subject: Big Labor Unions out spend the NRA by more than $160 to $1
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Subject: Big Labor Unions out spend the NRA by more than $160 to $1
From: irishranger317@gmail.com
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If you listen to the hysterical squacking of Democrats, you'd think the National Rifle Association
(NRA) was donating $Billions to Republicans and controlled the entire American political process.
But, like most left wing rants, that's pure bullshit!  Here are the facts.  In 2016, Big Labor
out spent the NRA on political donations by more than $160 to $1.    

The NRA donated $1,085,000.00 to political campaigns in 2016.  By comparison, Big Labor Unions
donated $132,000,000.00 to Democrats and they spent an additional $35,000,000.00 on
Federal elections.  That's $167 million to $1 million!

"WASHINGTON ― This election cycle, the political influence of labor unions seems greater than
ever. Just consider the following numbers. The AFL-CIO union federation contributed $14.6 million to
super PACs. The National Education Association has donated $18.1 million and spent an additional
$1.4 million. And the Service Employees International Union has donated $19 million.

Those are eye-popping sums. As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, organized labor on the
whole has spent more money on this election ― steering its cash overwhelmingly to Democratic
candidates ― than ever before. Overall, labor unions have donated more than $132 million to super
PACs and spent an additional $35 million on federal elections."

Irish Mike

Obama's legacy is President Trump