Subject: Re: Trump's approval rating now higher than Obama's
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Subject: Re: Trumps approval rating now higher than Obamas
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On Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 6:50:23 AM UTC-8, wrote:

> Now the dishonest dimwits on the left have been screeching that President >Trump's approval
ratings are only 35%.  The reason is, their biased polls do >not look at "registered and likely

As I've pointed out several times, approval rating should include all adult citizens. Limiting it to
"likely voters" without putting that in the title of the poll in bold letters is simply polling

> The fact is, the American economy is soaring it isn't. Growth is at about 3%, which is okay but certainly not breaking any records. The
cost of that growth? Another projected $10-12 trillion in debt over the next decade. You are living
a lie.