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Subject: Travels Annual (5th) Academy Awards Picks (2017)
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90th Academy Awards Nominees

March 4th (Sunday), 2018 (on ABC @ 8pm EST).

Host: Jimmy Kimmel

Best Picture: 

"Call Me By Your Name"

"Darkest Hour"


"Get Out"

"Lady Bird"

"Phantom Thread"

"The Post"

"The Shape Of Water"

"Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing Missouri"

An Academy rule states that a movie must be "feature length" (at least
1 hour & 40 minutes long) to be eligible for an Academy Award. I don't
follow this rule; e.g., if a movie is 1-1/2 hours long and it's one of
the best of the year, imo, it goes on the list.

Foreign movies with subtitles, documentaries, animation, shorts and
made-for-cable movies aren't covered at all.

If a movie appears publicly in a certain year, say, 2017, anywhere (i.e., the Sundance or Telluride
film festivals, etc., for example), that movie is considered "a 2017 movie" for 2017 Academy Awards

In other words, as in the case of the movie "Hostiles," although "Hostiles" wasn't widely available
in U.S. theaters until 2018, it's "a 2017 movie," because it had appeared somewhere, publicly, in
2017 (September 2, 2017 @ Telluride Film Festival).

The Academy can choose up to ten nominees. Last year they chose nine,
and this year they  chose nine.

As the main point in posting my own picks is to show the contrast in
what, imo, are the best well made but entertaining movies, compared to
the Academy's often "messagie," "political" and/or "eat your veggies"
movies, I'll go with 9 picks, too.

Only two of the Academy Awards nominated list-of-nine made my list of
the top nine movies of 2017, but four of their other nominees for this
year made my own "Honorable Mention" list.

I've taken the challenge upon myself once again this year of screening for, watching and choosing
the best movies made in 2017.

There are a countless number of movies that I've checked out,
considered beforehand, rejected as not worthy, and did not watch.

I've seen 56 "movies of 2017."

Best Picture:

1.)  "Wind River"

Jeremy Renner ("The Hurt Locker;" "Arrival") and Elizabeth Olsen.

Another excellent present day western directed and written by the writer of "Hell Or High Water" and
"Sicario" (Filming location: Park City, Utah).

2) "Blade Runner 2049"

Ryan Gosling ("Drive;" "The Place Beyond The Pines"); Robin Wright ("House Of Cards").

3) "John Wick: Chapter 2"

Keno Reeves ("John Wick;" "The Matrix"); Ian McShane ("Deadwood;" "Sexy Beast").

4) "Baby Driver"

Kevin Spacey ("House Of Cards;" "L.A. Confidential").

5) "Good Time"

Robert Pattinson; Jennifer Jason Leigh.

6) "Sweet Virginia"

"Unknown cast" (In the good way).

This thriller-noir slow-burner surrounds a drifter staying at a "most-budgeted" motel; unfortunately
for a small town in Alaska, he chose the "extended-stay-plan."  

7) "Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing Missouri"

Frances McDormand ("Fargo;" "Burn After Reading"); Woody Harrelson ("No Country For Old Men;" "True
Detective"); Sam Rockwell ("Matchstick Men")

8) "Get Out"

This entertaining movie is of a non-consequential cast, but sports
a Coen Brothers-like Horror/comedy story.

9) "Brawl In Cell Block 99"

Vince Vaughn ("True Detective: Season 2"); Don Johnson ("Hot Spot;" "Cold In July;" "Miami Vice").

From the director of "Bone Tomahawk," Vince Vaughn gives this story an extra "Tarantino-violence"

("Honorable Mention": listed in no particular order of merit; all are
"the best movies of 2017," imo.)

Honorable Mention:


Christian Bale; Wes Studi ("The Las Of The Mohicans"- best indian character, ever).

Ya, figured Christian Bale could do westerns.

"The Post"

The good news is that Bob Odenkirk ("Better Call Saul;" "Breaking Bad") is in it, and the bad news
is: so is Tom (look-up "corny" in the dictionary) Hanks. 

"Thor: Ragnarok"

Chris Hemsworth ("Rush"); Tom Hiddleston ("Only Lovers Left Alive"); Cate Blanchett ("Elizabeth: The
Golden Years").

"Darkest Hour"

Gary Oldman ("Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy").


Kenneth Branagh ("Wallander").

"I, Tonya"

"The Disaster Artist"

"The Fate Of The Furious"

Vin Diesel; Dwayne Johnson

Always worth a look at the "series-of movies" that specializes in over-the-top chase scenes. 

"Ingrid Goes West"

Aubrey Plaza

Amusing dark comedy-satire on internet stalking.

"Small Town Crime"

John Hawkes ("Too Late"); Robert Forster ("Too Late;" "Jackie Brown").

If you liked "Too Late," you'll probably like this, too ("quirky" movie of the year).

"Wonder Woman"

Gal Gadot; Chris Pine ("Star Trek: Beyond").

Surprisingly, one of the best "Superhero" movies.

"War For The Planet Of The Apes"

Woody Harrelson is the Colonel Walter E. Kurtz-like villain in this one. 

They "did with" the "new Planet Of..." movies what they did with the "new Batman movies." They're
good. Caesar still rules.

"Spiderman: Homecoming"

Michael Keaton ("Jackie Brown;" "Zodiac"); Robert Downey Jr. ("Zodiac;" "Iron Man").

The best and only good "Spiderman movie." Robert Downey Jr. "saves" another one. 

"Mean Dreams"

Bill Paxton ("Nightcrawler;" "A Simple Plan").

It's not "Wind River," and it's not even really a "present day western" (more like "present day
farmland"),  but Bill Paxton's (last movie before he died) crooked-deputy-sheriff character is a
standout among most others of this oft-portrayed role.

"American Made"

Tom Cruise (In 2018, "Mission: Impossible- Fallout;" In 2019, "Top Gun: Maverick").

"American Made" is retro-Cruise as a pilot for "the cartels;" replete with non-stop, shiteatin'


Sci-fi psychological thriller. Low key/budget type, but with an actual "ending" that ties the story
together. Call it, no-frills-intelligent.   

"Logan Lucky"

Daniel Craig ("Casino Royale;" "Layer Cake;" "Skyfall;" "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo").

Traditional but well-made "heist comedy" (however, Daniel Craig's role is way out of character). 

"Hounds Of Love"

Goes to show you that "scary," or "horror" in a movie can be most effective when it's realistic and
without particular gore. Good Indie psych-thriller. 

"Phantom Thread"

Daniel Day-Lewis ("The Last Of The Mohicans;" "There Will Be Blood").

Good "period Piece," but probably, mostly for the "Masterpiece Theatre" crowd.

The director also made "Boogie Nights," "Hard Eight" (a "don't miss" movie about gambling), and
"There Will Be Blood").

"Lady Macbeth"

Florence Pugh

This is the best period piece of the year, and it's for all crowds. Like Mel Brooks used to say on
"Hollywood Squares," "Go with me on this one!" 

"The Big Sick"

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi"

It takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

"Only The Brave"

Josh Brolin ("No Country For Old Men," "Sicario").

Although the script wasn't the greatest, you can appreciate the subject matter and point of the


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has played "The Wolverine" nine times in seventeen years. 

The lowest rated (no idea why), but the best one, imo, was "X-Men Origins: Wolverine;" where his
older brother (also a Wolverine) was played by Liev Schreiber ("Ray Donovan").


A "long-lost relative" psychological thriller.

"The Trip To Spain"

Steve Coogan; Rob Brydon

Another "reality-trip" with funny celebrity impressions by the lead characters, and great 

"Shot Caller"

Nikola J, Coster-Waldau ("Game Of Thrones").

Good prison drama. 


Harry Dean Stanton; David Lynch ("Twin Peaks").

Present day western/comedy that revolves around a guy who seems to be living forever, and a
small-town  bar where one character is more of "a character" than the other.

"Painted Lady"

A good traditional western for the most part, but with some, call it, modern-theme thrown-in at the

"The Ballad Of Lefty Brown"

Bill Pullman; Jim Caviezel

Another traditional-style westerns story (but with a lead character you wouldn't have thought of as
"westerns-material"- Bill Pullman), 
only as told from the "sidekick's" point-of-view this time.