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Subject: News for Pop-Tard: Former T-Rump Staffers Can't Find Work
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Subject: News for Pop-Tard: Former T-Rump Staffers Cant Find Work
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2018 19:55:13 -0800
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A former White House official said he's spoken with more aides
	inside the White House who are trying to leave the
	administration, but not necessarily getting the kinds of
	high-paying offers in the corporate world as former aides
	usually do.

	"Things are still pretty bleak inside the White House," the
	source said. "I've talked to several people in the last week
	trying to find a way out, but they can't get out because no one
	is really hiring people with Trump White House experience. Not a
	fun time to say the least."

	Another source close to the administration said he has also
	talked to those on the inside about potential job offers. The
	source said he remembers seeing one particularly fitting pun
	about Hick's departure on Thursday: "The White House has lost
	Hope." "That about says it all, right?" the source added.


	"Weird that people don’t want to hire a group of people who’ve
	stood by a lying, corrupt, racist president. Employers are so
	picky these days!"
		-- Jen Hayden