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Subject: Will He Stay Or Will He Go
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Subject: Will He Stay Or Will He Go
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A ton of entries in the "Comments" section after the article.

This may be the most difficult prediction, ever, in politics.

You would think "stay," because it's the son-in-law, and if he goes, Ivanka has to go (or get a
divorce), and Trump is very close to his daughter (no Jane Fonda-following wako for a daughter like
Ronald Reagan had to deal with).

But, no, look at all the "baggage," of which Jared Kushner just loaded-himself-down; from
questionable business deals, to the Chief-of Staff problems, etc., etc.

It is odd how a president, "the most powerful individual in the world," who can fire anyone, or not,
can be forced into a personal-oriented decision just based on current, flimsy circumstances. When
it's Bannon, Corey or Reinse (sp?, whatever) it doesn't seem to matter.

Trump has to do one thing or the other: will Kushner and Ivanka go back to New York, or will they

Personally, I'm giving it an ever-so-slightly, weighted toward "go," because they really have no
business assuming the style and position of official advisors to a president in the first place. It
was doomed from the start: the continuing, mounting ""conflicts" and just plain unnecessary problems
that their (unqualified) positions draw directly into the White House are inevitable.

How much different is this than Jimmy Carter appointing his brother, "Billy," to a high government

At least, Bobby (Kennedy), a disaster AJ, was a lawyer with government experience.  

Well, I'm drifting into the realm of "should they go" back to New York, imo.. The question is: "will
they go." 

Feel free to post a simple: "stay" or "go."

Oh, ya, here's the article: