From: Dutch <>
Subject: Re: A weak 'President'
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Subject: Re: A weak President
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On 3/3/2018 4:47 PM, da pickle wrote:
> On 3/3/2018 4:45 PM, Dutch wrote:
>> On 3/3/2018 1:03 PM, da pickle wrote:
>>> On 3/3/2018 2:41 PM, Dutch wrote:
>>>> On 3/3/2018 7:38 AM, da pickle wrote:
>>>>> On 3/3/2018 9:15 AM, risky biz wrote:
>>>>>> Says it all.
>>>>>> 'Brennan was asked by Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC if he thought Trump 
>>>>>> was “too unstable” to possess the nuclear codes that would allow 
>>>>>> him to launch an attack. Brennan responded that he was rattled by 
>>>>>> the president’s strange focus on Baldwin the morning after Russian 
>>>>>> President Vladimir Putin boasted of his nation’s nuclear 
>>>>>> capabilities to strike anywhere in the world, including the U.S. A 
>>>>>> simulated video presented by Putin appeared to depict 
>>>>>> next-generation nuclear missiles striking Florida.
>>>>>> Trump has yet to respond to Putin. Instead, he ranted against the 
>>>>>> actor in an error-riddled tweet early Friday morning (the tweet 
>>>>>> was later reposted with corrections).
>>>>>> “When I hear what Vladimir Putin was saying about the nuclear 
>>>>>> capabilities he has [and] then the president of the United States 
>>>>>> is tweeting about Alec Baldwin this morning, I mean, where is your 
>>>>>> sense of priorities?” Brennan asked. “I think a lot of Americans 
>>>>>> are looking at what’s happening with a sense of: This is surreal.”
>>>>>> There’s “deep, deep worry and concern for this country’s national 
>>>>>> security,” he added.
>>>>>> “Our country needs strong leadership now. If we have somebody in 
>>>>>> the Oval Office who is unstable, inept, inexperienced and also 
>>>>>> unethical, we really have rough waters ahead,” he said.
>>>>> I raise your huffingtonpost with american spectator.
>>>> Will your country ever emerge from this "alternative facts" nightmare?
>>>> Note: as you did with my comment about Trump's startling remarks 
>>>> about due process, you conveniently ignored this pointed criticism 
>>>> of Trump's choice to tweet at "Alex Baldwin" just as Putin utters 
>>>> thinly veiled nuclear threats against America.
>>> You pick a news source that is biased one way and I will raise you 
>>> one that is biased another way.  The only difference is that I 
>>> recognize the bias of both and you believe your choice is the only 
>>> *truth* available.
>>> Bias works both ways ... learn to listen to all and choose wisely.
>>> Sometimes you choose wisely and other times ... you go all BillB on 
>>> us and drop off the grid.
>>> [Do you know who Brennan is, Dutch?]
>> Off you go again with the grandstanding and whataboutery dodges.
>> Trump's remarks about suspending due process were not the result of 
>> "biased reporting", nor were the rest of his flip-flops on the gun 
>> issue, immigration, and just about every other issue.
>> Trump's choice to tweet nonsense at Alec Baldwin combined with 
>> deafening silence on Putin's anti-American sabre rattling was not the 
>> result of "biased reporting".
>> Trump's sudden announcement that he has decided to start a trade war 
>> with the rest of the world is not the result of "biased reporting".
>> Jared's Whitehouse meetings and subsequent suspiciously massive loans 
>> were not the result of "biased reporting".
>> Jared's 50 and counting corrections to his security clearance form are 
>> not the result of "biased reporting".
>> Ivanka's involvement with the Vancouver Trump tower which is being 
>> investigated by the FBI for conflicts of interest and probably money 
>> laundering is not the result of "biased reporting".
>> The mass exodus of staff from the Whitehouse is not the result of 
>> "biased reporting".
>> And that was just last week. Wake up from your trance pickle, this is 
>> real.
> You complain when risky just changes the subject ... then you do it 
> yourself ... very much like Jerry.

The "subject" of this thread if you just look above, is "A weak 
'President'", my response is apropos of that. Your response was to 
change the subject to an irrelevant article on John Brennan. If YOU want 
to stay on topic, refute some of the points that have been made that 
show Trump to be a weak president.