Subject: Re: Will He Stay Or Will He Go
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From: Clave <>
Subject: Re: Will He Stay Or Will He Go
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2018 18:45:58 -0800
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On 3/3/2018 6:22 PM, Travel wrote:
> On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 8:16:32 PM UTC-5, popinjay wrote:
>> On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 4:52:50 PM UTC-8, Clave wrote:
>>> On 3/3/2018 4:34 PM, Travel wrote:
>>>> On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 6:54:19 PM UTC-5, Clave wrote:
>>>>> On 3/3/2018 3:39 PM, Travel wrote:
>>>>>> A ton of entries in the "Comments" section after the article.
>>>>>> This may be the most difficult prediction, ever, in politics.
>>>>>> You would think "stay," because it's the son-in-law, and if he goes, Ivanka has to go (or get
a divorce), and Trump is very close to his daughter (no Jane Fonda-following wako for a daughter
like Ronald Reagan had to deal with).
>>>>>> But, no, look at all the "baggage," of which Jared Kushner just loaded-himself-down; from
questionable business deals, to the Chief-of Staff problems, etc., etc.
>>>>>> It is odd how a president, "the most powerful individual in the world," who can fire anyone,
or not, can be forced into a personal-oriented decision just based on current, flimsy
>>>>> LOFL -- "flimsy circumstances" like his son-in-law being an unqualified
>>>>> crook, you fucking dope.
>>>> Actually, I stressed the fact that he's unqualified.
>>> And yet conveniently neglect the fact that he's an influence-peddling
>>> crook.
>>> Honestly, if this were a Clinton or Obama appointee, Hannity would be
>>> literally shitting himself on camera, and you'd be shouting ENDLESSLY
>>> for impeachment, not just removal of the aide.
>>> And know what?  You'd be right for once.
>>> But no, blatant corruption is OK if you're a Republican, where the only
>>> real crime is bad press.
>>> "Flimsy circumstances" -- Christ, could you possibly  *BE* a bigger stooge?
>>> (And you can claim to have kicked ass (maybe) once you post those lists
>>> you keep running away from.)
>> 17 minutes.  Admit it.  You're sitting on the edge of your bed waiting for Travel to post
> Lol,I think the commie uncle thread must have really chapped his ass.

I don't know how the two of you embarrassing the living shit out of 
yourselves "chapped my ass", but you believe a lot of other really 
stupid shit, so whatevs...