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Subject: Re: Will He Stay Or Will He Go
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On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 3:39:49 PM UTC-8, Travel wrote:
> A ton of entries in the "Comments" section after the article.
> This may be the most difficult prediction, ever, in politics.
> You would think "stay," because it's the son-in-law, and if he goes, Ivanka has to go (or get a
divorce), and Trump is very close to his daughter (no Jane Fonda-following wako for a daughter like
Ronald Reagan had to deal with).
> But, no, look at all the "baggage," of which Jared Kushner just loaded-himself-down; from
questionable business deals, to the Chief-of Staff problems, etc., etc.
> It is odd how a president, "the most powerful individual in the world," who can fire anyone, or
not, can be forced into a personal-oriented decision just based on current, flimsy circumstances.
When it's Bannon, Corey or Reinse (sp?, whatever) it doesn't seem to matter.
> Trump has to do one thing or the other: will Kushner and Ivanka go back to New York, or will they
> Personally, I'm giving it an ever-so-slightly, weighted toward "go," because they really have no
business assuming the style and position of official advisors to a president in the first place. It
was doomed from the start: the continuing, mounting ""conflicts" and just plain unnecessary problems
that their (unqualified) positions draw directly into the White House are inevitable.
> How much different is this than Jimmy Carter appointing his brother, "Billy," to a high government
> At least, Bobby (Kennedy), a disaster AJ, was a lawyer with government experience.  
> Well, I'm drifting into the realm of "should they go" back to New York, imo. The question is:
"will they go." 
> Feel free to post a simple: "stay" or "go."
> Oh, ya, here's the article:

I'd just like to let you know, 'travel', that there are members of your audience who wish they
hadn't opened this thread and couldn't care less what they do.