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On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 9:01:01 AM UTC-8, da pickle wrote:
> On 3/4/2018 10:13 AM, risky biz wrote:

> > Oh, get over it, 'pickle', with your ridiculous, long-winded dissimulation.
> > Broadcast network NEWS PROGRAMS have 7,000,000 - 8,000,000 viewers EACH any single one of which
dwarfs the number of Fox News viewers. Fox News bullshit doesn't have any broadcast news programs to
compete against for the small number of viewers who demand fake news. CNN and MSNBC have to win
viewers from broadcast news programs. You fake news consumers harp on your comparison to other CABLE
news but that whole concept is completely stupid.
> > 
> > And none of this has anything to do with any spin by any news programs but the idea of comparing
Fox News 'spin' to the news programs that a much greater number of Americans watch is ludicrous.
What Fox News and associated programs produce is not 'spin' but outright lies. Something like 70-80%
of what they put out is inaccurate and misleading and about half of that is pure fabrication and
invention. Fox News is right-wing Pravda.
> You, risky, demonstrate perfectly the problem.  Your "truth" IS THE TRUTH..

Yea, so? And YOU still haven’t answer all those embarrassing questions or posted those lists.
It’s why you’re becoming ingored.

> Your opinion, risky, is NOT the truth, the whole truth and nothing but 
> the truth ... 

Yea, actually it is, and YOU CAN’T SHOW ANY DIFFERENT.

JFC you’re obtuse..

> it is an opinion unsupported by anything other than your personal bias.

And facts. Like the fact you still haven’t posted YOUR lists of facts.
You’re a LIAR!

> You still did not explain to Jerry the difference between FNC and Fox 
> Sports ... he remains confused.

Don’t have to, I’m right there, too. I never said a fucking thing about the Fox Sports channel.
This isn’t about FOX SPORTS. It’s about you not knowing FOX calls themselves the news channel.
When people watch football on Fox News (not their sports channel), they fool you by saying “More
people watch fox news, so we must be telling the truth in our news.”

Something ELSE you’re dodging. Just what the fuck are you trying to suggest? Because you’ve been
fooled into thinking more people watch Fox News, that it means they’re not lying to you? We’ve
PROVED they lie. There are whole websites showing you that. Other news organizations LAUGH at you
and idiots like you that don’t know you’re being fooled. (Something else you’ll dodge, like
not answer other question that embarrass you; like not posting list you said you have THAT YOU

How about, “More people watch NBC News than another news organization.” WFT does that tell you?

Now answer the fucking questions and post those lists, or keep whining and dodging – and be