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Subject: Re: Make Italy Great Again
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On Sunday, 4 March 2018 22:11:45 UTC, BillB  wrote:

> What did you mean when you said this:
> "... the significance of the death of 3000 *humans* remains the same regardless
> of their nationality. Don't you think? Or perhaps you can't see that
> because you can't get beyond your brainless nationalistic emotions."

Yes, I would believe that much of my use of the term 'Islamophobia' on RGP was probably related to
9/11. This appears to be the time warp that the likes of you and BSinAustin (clueless Islamophiles)
are stuck in.

Irish Mike was always "nationalistic" to the point that he supported (IRA) terrorism, something we
did not agree on. In fact, my (staunch) opposition to terrorism, whether it be Islamic or any other
kind, has always been consistent and impeccable.

Now tell us, what percentage of the 20% of "hardcore racists" in Western democracies are non-white,
in your estimation?