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On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 8:44:36 PM UTC-8, fffurken wrote:

> "Using the term 'Islamophobe' is reasonably understandable ten or fifteen years ago. Now? No."
> That would obviously entail all of the wisdom and knowledge that would have come with those years
(for a normal, non-brainwashed person).

LOL..nothing is known about Islam today that wasn't known 10 years ago, you idiot. All you are
saying is "10 years ago I was ignorant to basic facts about the world, but now I'm not! Honest!!"

> > What did you mean by "brainless nationalistic emotions"? I thought you were all about
nationalism? Or is this just another one of your youtube induced childlike phases?
> I've always been a nationalist (check the archives).

So what are "brainless nationalistic emotions"? 
> Well I think the point would be that I have not been in any way hypocritical. 

I didn't say you were hypocritical. You're just hold opposite viewpoints over an incredibly short
period of time. That suggests to me that you are exremely gullible and impressionable.

>You can't accuse me of not condemning terrorism in any way, shape or form. >Whatever the cause.

Uh, I never said you didn't "condemn terrorism" (for all that's I wasn't even talking
about terrorism.
> > > Now tell us, what percentage of the 20% of "hardcore racists" in Western >democracies are
non-white, in your estimation?
> > 
> > Probably about 10% of the 20% (so 2%). But white racism and non-white racism are not of the same
quality. Racism from a group that holds all the power is far more destructive and consequential than
racism from people who have no power.
> > If you took a couple of introductory sociology courses you would already know that.
> So you're saying that whites are NINE times more likely to be racist than >blacks?

Low-IQ misinterpretation. I take it you were never very good at arithmetic? Did you consider the
percentage of non-whites in the population? No, you did not.  lol  What a moron.