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On Monday, 5 March 2018 05:08:35 UTC, BillB  wrote:

> LOL..nothing is known about Islam today that wasn't known 10 years ago

I know. Which only makes it all the more striking that you don't know anything about it to this day.
But this due to other factors, like willful ignorance, and your ideology.

> > I've always been a nationalist (check the archives).
> So what are "brainless nationalistic emotions"? 
> > Well I think the point would be that I have not been in any way hypocritical. 
> I didn't say you were hypocritical. You're just hold opposite viewpoints over an incredibly short
period of time. That suggests to me that you are exremely gullible and impressionable.

It's important not to be hypocritical, IMO.

> >You can't accuse me of not condemning terrorism in any way, shape or form. >Whatever the cause.
> Uh, I never said you didn't "condemn terrorism" (for all that's I wasn't even
talking about terrorism.

Wasn't really sure what you were babbling about tbh

> > > > Now tell us, what percentage of the 20% of "hardcore racists" in Western >democracies are
non-white, in your estimation?
> > > 
> > > Probably about 10% of the 20% (so 2%). But white racism and non-white racism are not of the
same quality. Racism from a group that holds all the power is far more destructive and consequential
than racism from people who have no power.
> > > If you took a couple of introductory sociology courses you would already know that.
> > 
> > So you're saying that whites are NINE times more likely to be racist than >blacks?
> Low-IQ misinterpretation. I take it you were never very good at arithmetic? Did you consider the
percentage of non-whites in the population? No, you did not.  lol  What a moron.

So what is the percentage of white racists versus non-white racists, per capita, in your estimation?