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On 3/4/2018 1:17 PM, VegasJerry wrote:

> When people watch football on Fox News (not their sports channel), they fool you by saying “More
people watch fox news, so we must be telling the truth in our news.”
People don't watch football on FNC, Jerry ... even risky knows that.

People don't say more people watch fox news so we must be telling the 
truth in our news either.

What they say is that FNC is more watched than CNN and MSNBC.

[Has nothing to do with football.  Has nothing to do with spin.  Has 
nothing to do with Hillary lies.  Just a result of some polls.]

Get a grip, Jerry ... you are hysterical about nothing at all; except 
your embarrassment about not knowing the difference between fox news and 
fox sports ... maybe.

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