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From: popinjay <paulpopinjay@sbcglobal.net>
Subject: Backwards ignoramuses in Indonesia
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Subject: Backwards ignoramuses in Indonesia
From: popinjay <paulpopinjay@sbcglobal.net>
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Stupid fucks in Indonesia killed an endangered Sumatran tiger because, and get this, because they
thought it was a shapeshifter.  That's right, a fucking shapeshifter.

And BillB just doesn't understand why white people are BETTER than other people.  You wouldn't see
white people killing a tiger because they think it's a shapeshifter.  What's a shapeshifter anyway? 
Those people are literally morons, certainly with IQs less than 80, just like the blacks in South
Africa that BillB is crying about.  These people are not intelligent enough to run a country, to
vote, they are only suited to work in mine shafts and live in huts.

If anyone is a shapeshifter, it's BillB.  You're a shapeshifter, you fuckhead.  It's not racism, you
idiot, other people are DIFFERENT.  And that's not my fault.