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Subject: Re: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
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Subject: Re: Just watched "Breaking Bad" - my opinion of the series
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I started watching it just before the last season ran. So when I finished all the back-seasons, the
last season came-out.

I also finally watched it because of all the hype, as the promo-description of a series about a
terminal cancer patient didn't seem all that compelling to me. Maybe the producers had just that
sort of public reaction in mind when they made the first season with only 7 episodes; i.e., they
weren't sure if a premise including cancer involved would "take" with the viewers.

As it was, it took me until the end of season 2 before I was hooked. I almost stopped watching it
after season 1. Why am I watching acid-dissolved bodies in bathtubs burn through floors for!?  

Have to keep reminding yourself: with these quality series, they spend time with character
development early-on, before the "point" of it and the story actually kicks-in.  

Once hooked though, it's a totally addictive series, where even Walter's medical condition became
another of the many "edgy" sub-plots going on in the story. Always rooting for Walter, you were
peering at this tension-clusterfuck through splayed fingers, hoping that you'll "get through" just
one more episode without Walter keeling-over on you in the middle of it all.

The supporting cast was awesome, with Hank being a major character who could "screw it all up" at
any time.