From: Dutch <>
Subject: Re: "If The Presidential Election Were Held Today" Poll
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Subject: Re: "If The Presidential Election Were Held Today" Poll
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From: Dutch <>
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On 3/5/2018 2:42 PM, joeturn wrote:
> On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 11:56:08 PM UTC-5, Dutch wrote:
>> On 3/4/2018 6:13 PM, joeturn wrote:
>> [..]
>>   > I think we should praise Puttin for supplying the dirt on Hilary.What
>> a mess we would have been in with that POS.
>> Things would be fine with Hillary as president. She was supremely
>> qualified for the job.
>>   >   The Dimocrats could not get Trump impeached for collusion with the
>> Russians because it is legal to expose corruption of your opponent in an
>> election(sometimes referred to as mud slinging).
>> It's actually called "opposition research", something the Democrats did
>> during the campaign which resulted in, among other things, "The Steele
>> Dossier". That was all bought and paid for and legal.
>> However what the Trump campaign is alleged to have done is quite different.
>> First, the email hacking the Russians did was a crime, therefore anyone
>> who cooperated after the fact to make use of those "proceeds of crime"
>> is also committing a crime. We already know that some Trump associates
>> did that. In addition, any instance of lying to law enforcement to cover
>> up such crimes is another crime. There's evidence of that happening also.
>> Second, release of those emails was a gratuitous benefit to the Trump
>> campaign from a foreign source which is a violation of the US Elections Act.
>>   > Now they are trying the old incompetence tactic. But Long Lives the King
>> I predict his incompetence will become more and more apparent in the
>> coming months as the investigation closes in on him and he continues to
>> unravel. His allies in Congress will start to fall away as he spews more
>> crap like the gun reform meeting debacle and tariffs.
> Even Jerry agrees"If there was no dirt supplied by the Russians then there is no crime"

First, that's not true, second, there WAS dirt.