From: Dutch <>
Subject: Re: "If The Presidential Election Were Held Today" Poll
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Subject: Re: "If The Presidential Election Were Held Today" Poll
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From: Dutch <>
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On 3/5/2018 3:01 PM, joeturn wrote:
> On Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 11:56:08 PM UTC-5, Dutch wrote:
>> On 3/4/2018 6:13 PM, joeturn wrote:
>> [..]
>>   > I think we should praise Puttin for supplying the dirt on Hilary.What
>> a mess we would have been in with that POS.
>> Things would be fine with Hillary as president. She was supremely
>> qualified for the job.
>>   >   The Dimocrats could not get Trump impeached for collusion with the
>> Russians because it is legal to expose corruption of your opponent in an
>> election(sometimes referred to as mud slinging).
>> It's actually called "opposition research", something the Democrats did
>> during the campaign which resulted in, among other things, "The Steele
>> Dossier". That was all bought and paid for and legal.
>> However what the Trump campaign is alleged to have done is quite different.
>> First, the email hacking the Russians did was a crime, therefore anyone
>> who cooperated after the fact to make use of those "proceeds of crime"
>> is also committing a crime. We already know that some Trump associates
>> did that. In addition, any instance of lying to law enforcement to cover
>> up such crimes is another crime. There's evidence of that happening also.
>> Second, release of those emails was a gratuitous benefit to the Trump
>> campaign from a foreign source which is a violation of the US Elections Act.
>>   > Now they are trying the old incompetence tactic. But Long Lives the King
>> I predict his incompetence will become more and more apparent in the
>> coming months as the investigation closes in on him and he continues to
>> unravel. His allies in Congress will start to fall away as he spews more
>> crap like the gun reform meeting debacle and tariffs.
> Tariffs you say!
> Well by golly every citizen in the USA pays tariffs to England to live on King Georges Land. The
Boston tea party was only opposition to those tariffs.The Declaration of Independence is not worth
the paper it was written on.King George never granted the USA their Independence.
> The IRS is Londons collection Agency and they collect those taxes every year. Its called Income tax

The harm in increased costs to industries and consumers inflicted by the 
Trump tariffs is 50x more significant than the benefit it could ever do 
for the steel and aluminum industries.

That's *before* you factor in the retaliatory tariffs that are already 
being rolled out against American products.

Does *anybody* with a functioning brain actually believe Trump when he 
proclaims that trade wars are "easy to win"?

That was a rhetorical question.