Subject: Re: You want racism? I'll give you racism
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Subject: Re: You want racism? Ill give you racism
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On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 9:10:22 AM UTC-8, Mossingen wrote:

> No one is arguing in favor of apartheid.

Uh, have you not read Paul's post? He's justifying it all the way.

  We're pointing out to you that 
> oppressed blacks who lash out with violence against white people, on the 
> basis that they are white and nothing more, are themselves advocating a 
> virulent form of racism.

I am telling you it not because they are "white". That is incidental. They are lashing out at a
political group that violently abused them that happens to be white. It is the whites that organized
politically around their whiteness.
> This is actually interesting.  Your liberal brain is so wracked with white 
> guilt and you are so paranoid about being labeled a racist yourself, you 
> actually seem to condone oppressed minorities reacting with violence on the 
> basis of skin color.  This is the type of political correctness that is 
> paralyzing otherwise rational people.
> In your example of me walking down the street and being punched by every 
> black person who walked by, would I be justified in punching the next black 
> person that I saw, solely because that person was black and I'm angry;

Yes, you would. After a while you would realize with 99.999% certainty that that next black person
you see coming toward you is part of an army that wants to harm you. I would say you are justified
in proactively defending yourself.

> would I be justified in calling a meeting of my friends and organizing a 
> lynch party of the first blacks we saw to get even?  You seem to suggest 
> that those actions would be acceptable to you.

Yes, in my HYPOTHETICAL, where 100% of blacks physically attacked you, it would be a state of war.
You would be justified in seeking help to defend yourself, and proactively doing so.