Subject: Re: The reason Democrats want open borders
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Subject: Re: The reason Democrats want open borders
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2018 23:50:53 -0800
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On 3/6/2018 11:25 PM, wrote:
> This is a link to the story about the Democrat Mayor of Oakland who publicly announced the pending
ICE raid which allowed more than 800 illegal immigrant felons to escape capture.
> This group included illegals that have been charged with 

Crimes. Yeah, we got it the first time.

But it also included law-abiding families (and *DO* fucking remember 
that illegal presence is not a crime), and members of families who ICE 
seems to love to split up, just to fuck with them.

Maybe if DOJ/ICE ever learn to stop acting like Nazi storm troopers 
rounding up all the Jooz and Jipsys they can find, they'll be in a 
better position to negotiate cooperation from people whose job 
descriptions don't include acting as proxies for ICE.