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Subject: Re: The reason Democrats want open borders
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Subject: Re: The reason Democrats want open borders
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On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 11:25:40 PM UTC-8, wrote:
> This is a link to the story ...

From FOX; which you've been shown lies. But that's all you'll Cut & Paste because you're not smart
enough to know why you're being lied to.

> about the Democrat Mayor of Oakland who publicly announced the pending ICE
> raid which allowed more than 800 illegal immigrant felons to escape capture. 

WHA! HA~ha! See how fucking gullible you are? If they escaped, how do you know
how many and that they're felons? HA. Rhetorical because you're too fucking
stupid to know how to answer. (Which is why you never answer, but slither away
in embarrassment.

> This group included illegals that have been charged with rape, robbery,
> murder, assault, child molestation, kidnapping and DUI's.

Show us. WHA! HA~HA! Embarrassed much?

> Now here is the truth about why Democrats ...

LOL @ You and Truth. It's fucking lemon aid and FOX loves idiots like you.

> Stupid fucking ignorant Irish Mick

Where's the lists, asshole?