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On 3/7/2018 11:11 AM, Tim Norfolk wrote:
> On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 10:01:25 PM UTC-5, Dutch wrote:
>> On 3/6/2018 6:48 PM, Tim Norfolk wrote:
> <snip>
>>> So, do you want to measure IQ by the standard tests at some pre-determined age? If so, you would
be opening a huge can of worms on the old nature versus nurture. I know that it is well-established
that it is both, but in what percentages?
>> Using an IQ test with what sort of cultural bias? If you test someone
>> raised in a technologically advanced society using a test designed by
>> academics raised in that same society then it's obvious they will have
>> an advantage over someone raised in a poor part of the world who has
>> developed a completely different set of skills.
> <snip>
> Umm, you were the one with this thought experiment, in which there is no cultural difference.

Right, and the paragraph above is why I proposed the thought experiment, 
to eliminate cultural differences as a factor.

What was Tarzan's IQ?