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On 3/7/2018 12:22 PM, BillB wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 12:14:07 PM UTC-8, Mossingen wrote:
>> "BillB"  wrote in message
>>> Btw, have you listened to anything Sam Harris...
>>> LOL
>> Why the LOL at Sam Harris?  He is a legitimate intellectual heavyweight who
>> thinks about and discusses these issues in a calm, rational manner based on
>> facts and not hysteria.  I disagree with a lot of what he says, but his
>> opinions are usually well-supported and deserving of respect.
> A heavyweight? Please. Maybe in Oklahoma. He even got ripped to shreds by drug and sex addict
Russell Brand. lol  The emperor had no clothes (or answers).

You obviously didn't watch that "debate".

Harris: "Have you *read* the Quran?"
Brand: "Of course I fucking haven't."

> Sam Harris did what a lot of lightweights do. He saw a market of people devoid of critical
thinking skills (bigots), and pitched to them because they were easy marks. If Sam Harris didn't
promote Islamophobia you would have never heard of him. He'd be teaching freshman biology at some
community college in Dubuque.

You're the rgp equivalent of Ben Affleck mindlessly shrieking, "That's 
just waaaaysist!"

I have watched Sam Harris dissect countless people who think much like 
you except they were infinitely better informed than you.