From: Bill Vanek <>
Subject: Re: You want racism? I'll give you racism
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From: Bill Vanek <>
Subject: Re: You want racism? Ill give you racism
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2018 19:22:36 -0800
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
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On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 18:50:30 -0800 (PST), BillB<> wrote:

>I am not "color blind". I can see if someone has black skin, just like I can see if they have red
hair or green eyes. And all those factors are equally irrelevant to me. My reaction to skin color is
likely similar to your reaction to eye color or shoe color. It just doesn't matter, and you would
find it weird if it DID matter to someone. I find it weird that people react to skin color.

That's like saying to a friend who is uncomfortable at the sight of
someone walking down the street in a prison uniform with handcuffs
dangling from one wrist that he is judging someone only on his choice
of clothes and jewelry.

Remember that Star Trek episode about the two warring groups who were
white on one side and black on the other, but on opposite sides? That
is so perfect for your simple, childish pretend arguments. Yeah, it's
just skin color. Life is just like simplistic moralizing on TV. Moron.
Maybe you can find another Usenet group for 1st graders. You might win
there occasionally.