Subject: Re: You want racism? I'll give you racism
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Subject: Re: You want racism? Ill give you racism
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2018 23:26:23 -0800
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On 3/7/2018 10:48 PM, BillB wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 10:30:50 PM UTC-8, Bill Vanek wrote:
>> Life is complex. You are simple. And that's how you ended up
>> tragically believing that you're smart.
> No, I think I started believing I was smart in kindergarten, when I realized none of the other
kids could fluently read or write like me. What was that all about?? I thought they sent me to a
retard school by mistake. I remember the first day my mom dropped me off and I started to cry. The
teacher tried to calm me down by giving me this wooden jigsaw puzzle of a duck that had about 5
pieces to it. I remember thinking something like, "What the fuck? Do they think I'm stupid or
something? This is for babies."
> By the time I was in grade seven I had already been accelerated four times (but sent back twice
because of a total lack of cooperation on my part). I started high school when I was eleven and
finished in two years. All that time I aced every test I took, without ever doing any homework. I
had to get probed and tested on a yearly basis by educational psychologists and psychiatrists who
wanted to know what made me tick. If that was your life, wouldn't you start to think you were smart
after a while?

Roger the "probed and tested" part (I know I was sick up and fed with it 
by the time I was 8 or so but they don't stop, do they?), but it sounds 
like I was much luckier than you WRT my academic environments.

I actually had a few teachers that I didn't threaten, and who knew in a 
general sense what to do with me.  I still feel a huge debt of gratitude 
toward those people, a couple of whom I fortunately got to know as an adult.

What really saved my ass though was abandoning the high school debate 
and chess clubs in favor of the bands and the plays.  You can probably 
guess what the end I was going for there was (and it worked).

And likewise, I won't get into my university time.  Some of the 
snowflaky egos around here are just too fragile.