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On 3/8/2018 3:27 AM, Dutch wrote:
> On 3/7/2018 10:32 PM, Bill Vanek wrote:
>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 22:21:06 -0800, Dutch<> wrote:
>>> On 3/7/2018 8:50 PM, Bill Vanek wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 20:01:25 -0800, Dutch<> wrote:
>>>>> On 3/7/2018 7:06 PM, Bill Vanek wrote:
>>>>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 18:51:22 -0800, Dutch<> wrote:
>>>>>>> On 3/7/2018 6:43 PM, Bill Vanek wrote:
>>>>>>>> On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 21:26:02 -0500, Seymore4Head<no@none.invalid>
>>>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> On Wed, 7 Mar 2018 14:46:26 -0800, Dutch<> wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> On 3/7/2018 2:27 PM, fffurken wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>> On Wednesday, 7 March 2018 21:56:49 UTC, Dutch  wrote:
>>>>>>>>>>>> Are you referring to *intelligence* when you say "IQ"?
>>>>>>>>>>> I'll ding anytime you disagree with Sam Harris with a 
>>>>>>>>>>> t=placement from the video I posted previously (ding) -
>>>>>>>>>>> Hey, you know, this could be a good thing. I've always said 
>>>>>>>>>>> that you're a Sam Harris parrot.
>>>>>>>>>>> Btw, you can start a YouTube video (at a certain place) but 
>>>>>>>>>>> you can't stop it so it's for the viewers discretion how long 
>>>>>>>>>>> to watch (shouldn't take more than a few seconds) just ding 
>>>>>>>>>>> back when you hear it.
>>>>>>>>>> I'll offer this from the comments,
>>>>>>>>>> "I have noticed over the years, that my fellow whites that 
>>>>>>>>>> talk the most
>>>>>>>>>> about "white peoples IQ superiority", are usually lacking in a 
>>>>>>>>>> few
>>>>>>>>>> chromosomes themselves. Einstein barely talked about his own
>>>>>>>>>> intelligence, great philosophers of history have said things 
>>>>>>>>>> like "the
>>>>>>>>>> wiser I become, the more foolish I realize I am". Its always 
>>>>>>>>>> the apes of
>>>>>>>>>> our "racial groups" that spout off at the mouth. Sad really.?"
>>>>>>>>>> So, inasmuch as there are racial differences in intelligence 
>>>>>>>>>> revealed by
>>>>>>>>>> IQ tests, which I contend suffer from cultural bias, the 
>>>>>>>>>> differences
>>>>>>>>>> create overlapping ranges of IQs. And those people who make 
>>>>>>>>>> racial IQ an
>>>>>>>>>> issue are revealing themselves to be not well situated on this 
>>>>>>>>>> range.
>>>>>>>>> Why do you think Black special interest groups have not created 
>>>>>>>>> an IQ
>>>>>>>>> test that doesn't have cultural bias?
>>>>>>>> Because even if it were biased towards black culture, whites 
>>>>>>>> would ace
>>>>>>>> it, and blacks would fumble.
>>>>>>>> I remember this argument on Johnny Carson, of all things, years 
>>>>>>>> ago.
>>>>>>>> Some black advocates came on to demonstrate this cultural bias 
>>>>>>>> thing,
>>>>>>>> and although Carson feigned surprise, any half-awake white guy 
>>>>>>>> would
>>>>>>>> have gotten every answer right. Carson had some class, and I 
>>>>>>>> certainly
>>>>>>>> don't blame him for playing dumb.
>>>>>>> IQ tests do not tend to test knowledge of any particular pop 
>>>>>>> culture,
>>>>>>> but they test patterns of thinking and association that depend on 
>>>>>>> how
>>>>>>> your brain is organized to solve problems. People who receive a good
>>>>>>> western education while having talents in this area are going to 
>>>>>>> surpass
>>>>>>> those with talents that receive a poor education and/or have a 
>>>>>>> stressful
>>>>>>> family life, poverty etc..
>>>>>> I don't get it. You're the one who keeps throwing this cultural bias
>>>>>> thing around. So what are you talking about? A shit education and
>>>>>> poverty are not part of cultural bias. Are you saying that blacks 
>>>>>> have
>>>>>> a culture of disdain for learning and money?
>>>>> Are you actually claiming that inner city schools with predominantly
>>>>> black students are given the same budgets and quality of teachers as
>>>>> those in rich areas?
>>>> Of course not. So let's talk about who has complete control of the US
>>>> education system. You ducked this last time, so let's try again. Is it
>>>> the liberals and their liberal union buddies, the ones who teach group
>>>> identity, and the lies that everything that happens to black kids is
>>>> whitey's fault, and that nothing is every their own fault, or
>>>> conservatives, who try to teach self-worth, self-sufficiency, self
>>>> reliance, and individualism?
>>>> Remember, if there is no parental support, it's up to the schools to
>>>> mold these kids. And the liberals have done a great job of producing
>>>> generations of kids whose lifetime career choice is government
>>>> handouts. And of course, if some parents want to get their kids out of
>>>> those failed schools, the liberals fight them with all they have. The
>>>> liberals have written these kids off, and yet you support them. You
>>>> should be ashamed.
>>> Again, you confuse your extreme bias against liberals with reality.
>> Then tell me who really runs the schools here.
> Schools don't teach kids to grow up and go on welfare. As usual, your 
> anti-liberal bias leads you directly to facile, silly conclusions.

Tell us again ... who runs the schools?

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