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Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
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Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
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On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 2:54:01 PM UTC-8, wrote:
> President Trump's tough sanctions, pressure on China and hardline rhetoric
> brought North Korea to the negotiating table.

WHA! Ha~Ha! See how gullible you are? You suck the cool aid out of FOX's dick and you splatter it
here. "Pressure on China?" Zero. There have been sanctions against North Korea for years and they
simply get around it. The bridge between China and North Korea is still loaded with trucks and the
pipes are still running full bore. Last news: Chinese ships loading oil on North Korea ships and
North Korea ships hauling coal to anywhere.

LOL @ your embarrassment...

> Kim Un realized that  President Trump is not some "lead from behind"
> wimp like Obama, who drew a red line in the sand in Syria and then 
> backed down.  

This, too. Obama REMOVED the red line by forcing them to turn over the poison gas. AND YOU DIDN'T

Embarrassed you again.

It's so much fun bitch slapping you, then watching you disappear in shame..