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Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
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Subject: Re: Trump forces North Korea to the negotiating table
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On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 2:54:01 PM UTC-8, wrote:
> President Trump's tough sanctions, pressure on China and hardline rhetoric brought North Korea
> to the negotiating table.    Kim Un realized that  President Trump is not some "lead from behind"
> wimp like Obama, who drew a red line in the sand in Syria and then backed down.  
> Trump is the guy who hit Syria with 50+ Tomahawk missles when  they used chemical weapons and 
> pounded ISIS to bits in his first year in office.  He is also the guy who slapped North Korea with
the toughest sanctions they have ever felt.
> Now Trump, and every one in the Intelligence community, knows North Korea can't be trusted to keep
their word any more than Iran can be trusted.  The difference is, President Trump will keep the
pressure on
> North Korea while Obama made an idiotic deal with Iran and gave them $150 billion dollars to
> fund terrorism while they chant "Death to America"!                                  
> Irish Mike

Executive analysis: Kim Jong Un outmaneuvered Trump. Trump's been pissing his diaper ever since he
found out that South Kore agreed to meet with Kim Jong Un.

What an imbecile to have the title 'President'. Count on Irish Mike to describe a foreign policy
failure as a stunning victory. Or, rather, count on Fox to do that. All Irish Mike does is dutifully
cut and paste.