Subject: Re: You want racism? I'll give you racism
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Subject: Re: You want racism? Ill give you racism
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On Thursday, March 8, 2018 at 1:08:55 PM UTC-8, Dutch wrote:

> > OMG..two dingbats like that debating one another must be incredibly painful to watch. Why would
anyone waste three minutes of their life subjecting themselves to that kind of torture? The fact
that Peterson is drawing some kind of salary as a university professor is a crime against humanity.
Against my better judgment, I watched a few of his videos because his name kept popping up
(self-promotion works!). In one he was literally preaching the importance of making your bed!  lol I
am not kidding. Holy fuck. And this guy has how many followers on youtube?  haha
> > 
> Another content-free post courtesy of BillB.

Another lie by Dutch.