From: Emanuel Berg <>
Subject: Re: HW division and a financial record breaking freak show.
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From: Emanuel Berg <>
Subject: Re: HW division and a financial record breaking freak show.
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2017 12:25:24 +0200
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Edmund wrote:

> Then we get a none boxer, a lightweight!! who
> managed to brag himself into a huge financial
> encounter with Mayweather, well done
> McGregor. What do you guys thinks of this?

If Mayweather keeps fighting he will loose
eventually, however I don't think this is the
occasion where it will happen.

But Mayweather has had (slight) problems
against people who close the distance quickly
and then fight unorthodoxly and/or
uncomfortably with him at the ropes.

However the people who did that, Maidana and to
some extent Cotto and de la Hoya, compared to
Mayweather they were not, but compared to
anyone else they were all true professionals
and well-schooled boxers since day one,
especially Cotto and de la Hoya but I can
include Maidana as well as the reference is now
McGregor, not even a boxer but an MMA fighter!

Knowing nothing about McGregor, I dare say in
terms of competition, this is a show, not
a fight.

Tactics for McGregor to win: 1) Push Mayweather
to the ropes, tripple up the jab if needed,
otherwise just wade thru. 2) At the ropes,
throw everything, gladly punches from other
planets. 3) Keep it up for - is this a 10 or 12
round fight? 4) Good luck!

underground experts united