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From: Juan Anonly <aqui@ahora.com>
Subject: Mayweather and Non-Boxer for $100!! No way!
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From: Juan Anonly <aqui@ahora.com>
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Subject: Mayweather and Non-Boxer for $100!! No way!
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2017 11:59:28 -0700
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I had about talked myself into buying into the Mayweather Fiasco du 
jour, because I really like both Badou Jack and Gervonta Davis. And the 
Mayweather v. Non-Boxer is a "cultural event" so I figured, oh what the 
hell, maybe I'll buy in. How much is it, $60.  No.

It's $100.  Who the hell are they kidding?  No way!

It's supposed to be produce the highest profit ever for a "Boxing-ish" 
event.  I hope it dies a horrible death and doesn't manage to recoup 
the expenditures of their multi-city/continent bogus tour.  That would 
make me happy.

God forbid that it makes a zillion, or the Mayweather gets knocked down 
or some other pie-in-the-sky lunacy, because if that happens we'll be 
seeing circus events like this every year.

Best case scenario: The fight only makes 25% of intended receipts, 
McGregor is knocked out in the first minute, is damaged enough that he 
has to spend a few weeks in the hospital and Mayweather Promotions and 
the Nevada State Boxing Commision (a subsidiary of Mayweather 
Promotions) are forced to apologize for a few years.

And even better scenario: McGregor doesn't show up for the fight. That 
way everybody is angry, a few companies have to declare bankruptcy and 
most importantly Mayweather doesn't go to 50 unbeaten fights when one 
of the opponents isn't a boxer.  What would be next fighting a kangaroo 
to get to #51?

Meanwhile Gervonta Davis, who when signed to Mayweather's stable 
immediately became a "protog