From: Edmund <>
Subject: Re: Mayweather and Non-Boxer for $100!! No way!
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From: Edmund <>
Subject: Re: Mayweather and Non-Boxer for $100!! No way!
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 08:21:00 -0000 (UTC)
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On Sun, 27 Aug 2017 16:08:37 -0700, Juan Anonly wrote:

> On 2017-08-26 18:59:28 +0000, Juan Anonly said:
>> I had about talked myself into buying into the Mayweather Fiasco du 
>> jour, because I really like both Badou Jack and Gervonta Davis. And the 
>> Mayweather v. Non-Boxer is a "cultural event" so I figured, oh what the 
>> hell, maybe I'll buy in. How much is it, $60.  No.
>> It's $100.  Who the hell are they kidding?  No way!
>> It's supposed to be produce the highest profit ever for a "Boxing-ish" 
>> event.  I hope it dies a horrible death and doesn't manage to recoup 
>> the expenditures of their multi-city/continent bogus tour.  That would 
>> make me happy.
>> God forbid that it makes a zillion, or the Mayweather gets knocked down 
>> or some other pie-in-the-sky lunacy, because if that happens we'll be 
>> seeing circus events like this every year.
>> Best case scenario: The fight only makes 25% of intended receipts, 
>> McGregor is knocked out in the first minute, is damaged enough that he 
>> has to spend a few weeks in the hospital and Mayweather Promotions and 
>> the Nevada State Boxing Commision (a subsidiary of Mayweather 
>> Promotions) are forced to apologize for a few years.
>> And even better scenario: McGregor doesn't show up for the fight. That 
>> way everybody is angry, a few companies have to declare bankruptcy and 
>> most importantly Mayweather doesn't go to 50 unbeaten fights when one 
>> of the opponents isn't a boxer.  What would be next fighting a kangaroo 
>> to get to #51?
>> Meanwhile Gervonta Davis, who when signed to Mayweather's stable 
>> immediately became a "protogé", lost his super-feather title on the 
>> scales when he came in *two pounds* overweight yesterday. What kind of 
>> incompetence was there in camp/management that a 22 year-old boxer 
>> didn't have enough guidance to avoid that?  If he came in 2 pounds over 
>> and didn't even try to take it off, I assume he simply could not.  That 
>> is--he's not a super-featherweight, he's a featherweight... this week.
>> $100?  No way in hell.
> I couldn't turn it down.  Loved seeing Badou Jack work well.  Gervonta 
> proved he's got lots to learn about motivation and discipline.  His 
> luster sure dissappeared rapidly.
> Floyd (and the rest of the planet) got more of a surprise than expected 
> and left the right with a feeling of significant relief.

What kind of surprise?
Certainly not about McGregor's boxing skills, even though McGregor fought 
an older retired boxer that was about two weight classes lighter that didn't even 
seem to take his training very serious, it was a complete mismatch, as expected.

From round 3 the frustration by McGregor set in, from round 5 McGregor was 
out of gas and he was picked apart as expected. He had no change at all.

What he accomplished is that he bragged himself to a 100 million payday
without facing any boxer that would have exposed him, so well done McGregor,
very well done.