From: Emanuel Berg <>
Subject: Re: Any of the old posters still visit here?
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From: Emanuel Berg <>
Subject: Re: Any of the old posters still visit here?
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 20:40:29 +0100
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Donn Irving wrote:

>> Robert Phillips, Bobby Beardon,
>> BoxMuham, SuperCalo?
> I look in every now and then.

Hi, Donn :)

As for me, I'm still a fight fan and go to the
boxing gym once a week or so, tho nowadays
mostly to not completely loose touch with that
side of myself.

I would be happy to start writing here again
but after changing career from programmer to
craftsman the corresponding change of location
has resulted in that I now have to pay for
every single byte of internet data. For Usenet
and mail interchange this isn't an issue but
downing huge fight files is another matter.

If I ever get that fixed, I'll write one post
every fight I see, promise :)

underground experts united